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What is Think Yourself Lucky?

Think Yourself Lucky is a special audio course based on 10-years of scientific study into the "science of luck". At its core, is the idea that your luck can be consciously molded and 'upgraded' - by you.


Recent scientific research into what many people typically consider "luck" has uncovered exciting new findings. Researchers found that lucky people actually do very specific things differently to others. This in turns makes them luckier.


In the 'Think Yourself Lucky' course, we unveil precisely what these patterns are - in plain English - so that you can integrate them in your own life, and become a luckier person!


Whether you're looking for greater success, love, money or happiness, you'll Think Yourself Lucky for the day you found this website!


What are the benefits to listening to Think Yourself Lucky?

There are many benefits to listening to taking the Think Yourself Lucky course - almost all of which are directly related to rocketing your good fortune to previously un-experienced heights!


Specific benefits include:

  • Enjoy greater career success, and more money
  • Rapidly improve your love life and social connections
  • Increase your luck by over 100x, practically overnight!

How does Think Yourself Lucky work?


Through an insightful audio course and workbook combination, author Nick Daws takes you on a powerful 7-step journey - from a state of unluckiness to a state of luckiness.


A special combination of scientific facts, stories, exercises, journaling and other elements will help you to uncover how to become the luckiest person you know - in just days!


And it's all 100% based on science. This program is NOT based on positive thinking, New Age concepts, or anything other than completely guaranteed science.

What do you offer on this website?


This website exclusively sells the entire 'Think Yourself Lucky' course, by Nick Daws, via digital audio sessions with a PDF workbook download.  Every purchase comes with a full one-month money-back guarantee. We're that confident that you'll love it!

Will this help me to win the lotto?


Definitely not! And any course that claims to improve your chances (without simply buying more tickets!) is fraudulent.


Lotteries are games of chance. In these situations, this course cannot help. However, the latest scientific research has shown that most of what we think of as "luck" is in fact created by ourselves, and the way we act toward life.


After 10 years of scientific research, the very specific patterns of "lucky" people have been identified and catalogued. By discovering this course, you can learn how to integrate these patterns into YOUR life - and, quite simply, become the luckiest person you know!

Do you have a money-back guarantee?


Absolutely. Try out the entire Think Yourself Lucky course for an entire month. We're confident that you’ll love it, and will start enjoying powerful results in your everyday life.


If you aren't happy for whatever reason, just let us know within a month and we'll refund your order in full.


The only thing that we ask is that you try out the course for at least a couple of weeks first, to ensure that you've really given it chance to work its magic!

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You bet. You can earn an affiliate commission of 50% for every single customer to you send to our website. Just click here to learn more and signup.

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